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Having waterproof boots is essential for any hiker. Having wet feet is no fun at all and, at its most[...]
How To Break In Hiking Boots Without Ruining Your Feet
Loving the trail also means regular new pairs of hiking boots. Make sure to follow the steps for breaking in new hiking boots without pain.
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How To Protect Yourself From Ticks While Hiking
Ticks are a blood-sucking parasite menace for hikers. They transfer some nasty diseases, which is why this article shows you how to protect yourself from them.
How Many Calories Does Hiking Burn, And How Much Should You Eat To Replace Them?
Hiking burns calories, but the rate you do that depends on several factors, from your fitness to the weight of your backpack. Find out how to measure your calories.
Should Hiking Shoes Be A Size Bigger?
Many new hikers want to know if they should buy walking boots a size bigger than they would usually buy. The answer is: not necessarily so! Find out why.
How to Prevent Chafing While Hiking
Chafing caused by friction is common in hikers because of the many, many steps we take. In this article, we share 6 simple actions you can take to prevent chafing.
How to Carry Water While Hiking
If you're new to long-distance hiking, figuring out how to collect and carry enough clean water can be a challenge, so we show you exactly how to do it.
How Much Does a Backpack Cost?
With so many packs on the market, we help you work out what to spend on one.
How to Make Backpack Straps More Comfortable
Many backpackers experience strap discomfort, but this simple guide should take all that pain away!