About Love the Wilderness

Hi there, my name is Adam and, outside of my family, I have two big passions in life: astronomy and backpacking.

The author with a pint of beer

Me, enjoying a post-hike beer

After many years writing about astronomy, I decided it was time to share my love of walking in the wilderness with just a friend (or not), a backpack and the landscape to keep me company.

I'm in my forties now, but since I was a teenager I've enjoyed pulling on my walking boots, backpack and waterproofs (okay, maybe not the waterproofs so much) and hitting the trail. Along with my closest friend of 30 years, Richard, we formed the tongue-in-cheek Eakring and District Mountaineering Club (EDMC) as the basis for our many and varied backpacking adventures over the years - named after the village we both lived in as schoolchildren.

With children, marriage and busy jobs, my love of getting away from it all has grown over recent years. EDMC trips have evolved from climbing the mountains of Scotland to walking across vast wildernesses with everything we need to survive in the wild packed into our trusty backpacks.

Wild camping with midges

Richard breaking a wild camp we shared with midges

Me on a causeway in a loch

Me standing on a causeway miles from anyone

Two tents wilderness camping

Our breathtaking lochside campsite in the middle of nowhere at sunset

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Living for just a few days away from people, shops, buildings and technology is exhilarating, challenging, rewarding, tiring, sometimes scary but never, ever dull. I love it because it puts me back in touch with my mind and lets me appreciate the bigger, more important things in life. 

And when work and life don't give me the time to camp wild, I still love hitting the trail for a day and covering some ground. And now I get the chance to do so with my wife Rachel and twin 5-year old boys Archie & Dexter, who already happily put up to 10 miles into their little legs in a day's walking.

So, now you know a little about me and what motivates me, feel free to share your story with me. I can be reached at [email protected] and would love to hear from you.

On this site, my mission is to help you learn about and get more enjoyment from walking, trekking, backpacking and wild camping by sharing my quarter century of experience. It's great to have you along!